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The Economy Series

Our economy series is our lower range collection of pre-fabricated cedar fence panels, which are all screwed framed together using 2×3 yellow cedar, 1×2 yellow cedar nailing strips and 2×4 kickboards in the middle of the panel.

We build these panels to last an average of 18 years + if it is pre-stained and constantly protected from the UV rays and mother nature.

We use Yellow Cedar for all our fence panels due to its extreme durability and outstanding beauty.

Renowned for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour, fine texture and straight grain it is considerably harder than most local softwoods, it is one of the world’s most durable woods with exceptional longevity even when in ground or water contact.

Dipped Staining

We recommend dipping to give full coverage and penetration of the lumber, providing the fence longer protection against exterior weather conditions.

We use our in-house custom-built dip tank to pre-soak the lumber individually before assembling the prefabricated fence panels. By dipping the lumber before assembly, all 4 sides of the lumber get covered. When the wood shrinks and expands with weather changes, your wood maintains a consistent look.

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