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Pre-Stained 1x4 Yellow Cedar Fence Board

Colours shown are approximate and may not reflect shade precisely. Visit our showroom to view samples.


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    Pre-Stained Lumber is the #1 Way to Go.

    We are proud to offer our pre-staining lumber services to our valued customers. We understand that the world we now live in gives us little to no extra time, so allow us to take away the stress and headache that comes with field staining and purchase your pre-stained lumber package with us and have it delivered ready to install, whether it be you as a homeowner your chosen contractor or developer.

    We have a very neat system in our shop, we use our engineered stain dip tank which was carefully designed to allow the lumber to soak and absorb as much stain as the lumber will allow. Giving the lumber the best protection against the UV rays for the years ahead.

    Why Pre-Stain

    By pre-staining your fence with our quality stain and seal products you are protecting your investment from the harsh West Coast environment, oxidization, U.V. rays, mold and mildew growth, while virtually eliminating all chances of warping as your fence ages.

    Yellow Cedar

    Yellow Cedar with its extremely durable and outstanding beauty. Renowned for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour, fine texture and straight grain it is considerably harder than most local softwoods, it is one of the world’s most durable woods with exceptional longevity even when in ground or water contact, Yellow Cedar is basically “bullet proof” this species of wood will outlast modern day Western Red Cedar.


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