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TBP4x4 Pressure Treated Post with Postsaver Pro Sleeves

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    All our 4×4 posts come pre-protected with Postsaver pro sleeves, this revolutionary technology protects the post at theĀ  ground line from all forms of rot. The Postsaver pro sleeves will guarantee full protection for a minimum of 20 years giving your fence the life it longevity it deserves. Remember a weak post makes it a weak fence, irrelevant of the quality of installation and product supplied. On average todays pressure treated posts will only last an average 8-12 years with research and statistics to back this up. Don’t be fooled pressure treated isn’t what it once was.. Save yourself the headache and financial stress of replacing your fence in another 10 years, purchase our pre-sleeved posts from us and we guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

    Dual-Layer Rot Prevention Technology

    Postsaver Pro-Sleeves feature a dual-layer barrier protection system, that when heated, shrinks onto the post creating a long lasting, high-performance, air and water-tight seal.

    Locks Out Everything Required For Decay

    This seal is the critical element which locks out all the factors required for decay to occur including moisture, fungi and oxygen at the critical ground-line (up to 6 inches below ground) of the post.

    Rot Can’t Occur

    When all the factors required for rot and decay are locked out of the post, conventional rot cannot occur. This allows us to guarantee wooden fence posts for 20 years*

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