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The Very Best In Fence Installations

We are happy to announce we have team up with Yorkshire Fence Ltd to carry out all our fence installations going forward, its an honor to team up with a local fence company that shares the same values and priciples in customer service.

History of Yorkshire Fence Ltd

Established in Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 2009 the company has installed over 300,000ft of fencing, so we are happy to reasure our clients that both the product and the installation portion will be collectivly delivered and installed as a premium service, giving you the peice of mind when purchasing your fence package.


Yorkshire Fence Ltd, offer a 2 year warranty on all fence products installed, meaning if there is an issue with the method of installation, the Yorkshire Team will come back evaluate, and honour a repair if deamed suitable within 2 years from day of completion. If the product is the failure then the fence shop will send out our quality control manager to investigate, he will send a report within 5 business days, working together to create a solution and stop the problem.

 “We bring together the best of two sectors withing the fence industry”.


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