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Yellow Cedar2x10

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  • Description

    Extreme Durability and Outstanding Beauty

    Yellow Cedar with its extremely durable and outstanding beauty. Renowned for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour, fine texture and straight grain it is considerably harder than most local softwoods, it is one of the world’s most durable woods with exceptional longevity even when in ground or water contact.

    Yellow cedar possesses a natural resistance to rot and decay. Vital for environmentally sensitive areas where chemical runoff into soil and water is an issue. Alternative characteristics include: a tight grain structure, hard exterior and durable interior, which maximizes longevity; while also producing a light and uniform colour that looks great and is easy to stain and paint. The ease of staining and painting is supplemented by the rougher headed profile.  Yellow cedar is also known for its workability; it is easily maneuverable and also nails and screws well.

  • Specifications

    WIDTH: 9″ 7/8

    THICKNESS: 1″ 7/8

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