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Taiga Building Products4x4 Pressure Treated Fence Post

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  • Description

    Pressure treated lumber for residential use is commonly hemlock-fir that has been immersed in a water-based chemical bath of preservatives. Pressurization then forces the liquid deep into the wood. The wood then is dried naturally or in a kiln to evaporate the water out, leaving the preservatives behind.

    Different chemicals have been used in the preservative bath, with changes being made to limit health risks to humans and animals. Oil-based and creosote treatments are still used but since the preservatives leach out over time and with heat, they are considered too messy or hazardous for residential use. Those and other treatments are used for industrial purposes instead.

    Benefits of Pressure Treated Wood

    Pressure treatment is an affordable alternative to expensive naturally rot-resistant lumber. The preservatives provide protection against rot, insects, mold, and fungi, so the wood lasts longer. Treated wood is made from strong evergreen species making it suitable for most fence, deck and pergola projects.

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