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Bella TurfSpring Pro Artificial Grass


Per Linear Foot x 15' Wide Roll

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    Want to own one of the best-looking properties on your street? The Spring Pro is soft affordable and visually appealing. With a blend of colours including lime green, field green and dry yellows. It is the ideal artificial grass for any low-traffic areas such as garden heavy properties, green roofs, and front yards. If you’re looking for visually-stunning grass that doesn’t break the bank, the Spring Pro is the grass you’ve been searching for. Despite the price, this grass still looks extremely realistic and the Spring Pro is no exception with its two-toned blade and two-toned thatch colours. Say “no more” to mowing the lawn every other day and install Bella Turf’s Spring Pro.

    WaveBlade™ Technology

    Custom-designed, ultra-durable, wave-like grass structure

    In 2015, Bella Turf set out to design the next-generation in artificial grasses, something that was unlike anything available in the market today. The mission was to build a blade that would stand up against the worst punishment anyone could give it and still come out looking brand-new. This technology not only had to be durable, but it also had to meet their highest standards of realism both aesthetically and by touch. By early 2016, that next-generation had finally arrived with Bella Turf’s WaveBlade™ technology.

    Bella Turf’s WaveBlade™ technology integrates a wave-like blade structure that makes it 5x more durable than other brands of artificial grass. This durability helps it stand up against serious punishment. For example, if a heavy object was left on top of a WaveBlade™ infused artificial grass, the grass blades would bounce back to their upright position. Since the grass blades stand tall instead of laying to the side, the WaveBlade™ infused artificial grass always appears as if it was a fresh, lush and recently mowed artificial grass. This aesthetic will improve your yard and make your property look more elegant and more expensive.

    ***Rolls are 15′ Wide***Sold Per Linear Foot x 15′ Wide Roll

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