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Turtle Shell Pro Cedar 2x6 Cedar Rough Cut

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  • Description


    Pre-Stained Cedar is the only way to go.

    We are proud to stock North America’s #1 pre-stained cedar products from Turtle Shell Pro Cedar. We understand that the world we now live in gives us little to no extra time, so allow us to take away the stress and headache that comes with field staining and purchase your Turtle Shell Pro Cedar package from us and have it delivered ready to install, whether it be you as a homeowner or fence contractor.

    Using our exclusive Turtle Shell Pro Cedar products you are investing in strength, reliability and longevity, combined with the cedar base layer your fence material will outlast most wooden fences stained or unstained you see around today. This therefore is giving your property years of protection against any outside wildlife and weathering.  Having your cedar pre-stained before assembly or installation has huge advantages as it allows the lumber to soak and absorb as much stain as the lumber will allow v’s your standard aftermarket spray machine method, this gives the cedar the best protection against the UV rays for the years ahead, your materials will be protected on all 6 sides.

    Why Pre-Stain

    By pre-staining your fence with you are protecting your investment from the harsh West Coast environment, oxidization, U.V. rays, mold and mildew growth, while virtually eliminating all chances of warping as your fence ages.

  • Specifications

    Width: 5″ 1/2

    Height: 1″ 5/8″

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