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PostsaverPro Sleeves Fence Post Protectors - 50 Pack

  • Description

    BOX OF 50

    Postsaver Protection: Guaranteed To Prevent Rot*

    Pro-Sleeve post protectors permanently exclude all the factors required for decay at the ground-line; oxygen, moisture & fungi

    What Are Postsaver Pro-Sleeves?

    A Postsaver Pro-Sleeve is a heat-shrinkable sleeve lined with a meltable, bituminous liner.

    Pro-Sleeves are heat applied to wooden fence and gate posts to create an air and watertight barrier around the vulnerable ground line section of the post. This proven dual-layer barrier locks preservatives in and moisture + fungi out, making conventional ground-line decay impossible.

    Unlike liquid coatings and bitumen paint, Postsaver maintains a barrier to the causes of decay when the post cracks or splits.

  • Specifications

    How easy is it to apply Pro-Sleeves & Pro-Wraps?

    All you need is a 2KW+ Hot Air Gun or tiger torch, and a foam roller if you’re applying to square posts.


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