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PostsaverPro Wrap Fence Post Protectors

  • Description

    Post saver’s Pro-Wrap & Tack saves you time, hassle & stress by protecting your investment. 

    • Universal size protection – fits any post size
    • Easy to apply
    • Proven to be 100% effective against ground-line decay (independently tested)
    • 20 Year post-replacement guarantee

    What Is Pro-Wrap & Tack?

    As part of our post protection range, Postsaver Pro-Wrap and Tack is a heat-shrinkable, dual-layer wrap that you wrap around, staple down, and apply to any sized post prior to installation. Supplied on a 5-metre roll, Wrap and Tack can be cut to fit any post size.

    How Does Pro-Wrap & Tack Prevent Rot & Decay?

    Pro-Wrap & Tack features a dual-layer barrier system that creates an air and watertight seal to the post surface. This seal locks out ALL the factors required for wood decay.

    Our dual-layer system is proven with over 20 years of independent test data by the BRE and over 10+ million sleeves sold. This gives us the confidence we need to offer a post-replacement guarantee with every sleeve sold, guaranteeing your posts for 20 years.

    Fit Postsaver Pro-Wrap & Tack so you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your fence will last. Do it once, do it right with Postsaver Pro-Wrap & Tack.

    Application Instructions

  • Specifications

    How easy is it to apply Pro-Sleeves & Pro-Wraps?

    All you need is a 2KW+ Hot Air Gun or tiger torch, and a foam roller if you’re applying to square posts.


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