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The Deluxe Range

The Fence Shop have developed a Elite selection of fence styles.

A look at the choice of styles of cedar fences will show just why The Fence Shop have established an enviable reputation. We have a good range of fence panels for all your backyard projects.

We offer a made to measure service on all fence panels we manufacture. This is something not many people can offer. With a good range of fence panels on display at our showroom in Maple Ridge, BC, we can offer a fence panel for every type of yard. We can advise you on a suitable cedar fence panel for your project and even offer a full installation service and free estimate.

There are many “copycat” businesses that copy our exclusive designs, buying a genuine Fence cedar fence product ensures you get the quality and service you deserve. Insist on the best.

All our cedar fence panels are manufactured in our workshop in Maple Ridge. We can offer something not many people can – a fence panel made to size. To make a custom panel, we charge $40.

our panels are made to order and so are non refundable, please ask if you are unsure. We offer delivery and our approved installers can erect your fencing to the highest standard.

Yellow Cedar Extreme Durability and Outstanding Beauty

We use Yellow Cedar for all our fence panels due to its extreme durability and outstanding beauty. Renowned for its distinctive, uniform yellow colour, fine texture and straight grain it is considerably.

Yellow Cedar products are produced from British Columbia Coastal Forest Logs that are carefully processed at medium-sized custom-cut sawmills that focus on extracting the highest quality lumber in the most efficient manner.

Fun Fact?

Many of BC’s forests are old:  62% are over 100 years old, 41% are over 140 years old and 14% over 250 years old.  The coastal forest region of BC covers some 16.5 million hectares.  This is one-quarter of the world’s coastal temperate rainforest.  As of December 2008, 14.26% or 13.5 million hectares, was the overall size of the protected areas system in the whole of the province of British Columbia (this includes national parks, and national park reserves, as well as provincial parks and protected areas).  BC has designated another 14 million hectares for special management; meaning wildlife habitat, recreation or scenic vistas.

Pre-Staining Strong, Reliable & Longlasting

Using our exclusive Turtle Shell Pro Cedar products, you are investing in strength, reliability and longevity, combined with the cedar base layer your fence material will outlast most wooden fences stained or unstained you see around today. This therefore is giving your property years of protection against any outside wildlife and weathering.  Having your cedar pre-stained before assembly or installation has huge advantages as it allows the lumber to soak and absorb as much stain as the lumber will allow, this gives the lumber the best protection against the UV rays for the years ahead, your materials will be protected on all 6 sides.

In spraying applications almost half of the product is lost as it is sprayed and atomized in the air to float away. With machine finishing stains and sealers are evenly applied for a consistent look every single time and 99%+ of the product of all excess stain is reclaimed making this the greenest or environmentally friendly way to stain and seal.

Pre-Staining is trusted and respected by many experts across North America

Among these experts are custom home builders, architects, fence builders, landscapers, and large wood associations.

  • Western Wood Products Association
  • Western Red Cedar Lumber Association
  • US Forest Products Laboratory
  • California Redwood Association
  • US Forest Products Lab

Pre Staining is a great alternative to on site staining, pre staining eliminates the mess and its the only way to seal all 6 sides of your lumber. We work with everyone, from  Architects all the way down to the end user to provide the best factory finish for every project, every time.

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