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The Fence ShopThe Squamish Solid Privacy Overlap Cedar Fence Panel

From $197.99

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  • Description

    A look at the choice of styles of fences will show just why we have established an envious reputation; we have a great range of cedar fence panels and cedar gates for all your backyard needs.


    We boast ourselves on being a custom cedar fence manufacturer, offering all our designs, with the ability to manufacture to suit your post-to-post opening or property line layout, with equal fence sections, this allows you to remove that “UGLY” 2ft section at the end of the fenceline.

    All our cedar fence panels are manufactured in our workshop in Maple Ridge, and we can offer something not many people can – a fence panel made to size. To make any custom panel, we charge an additional $49.

    There are many “copycat” businesses that copy our exclusive designs, buying a genuine Fence Shop cedar product ensures you get the quality and service you deserve. Insist on the best.

    We highly recommend visiting our showroom, as we can advise you on a suitable cedar fence panel for your project, and even help with the installation service via our FS approved installers.


    We only use Turtle Shell Pro Cedar as it allows us to assemble fence panels knowing that each individual piece of lumber is 100% protected on all 6 sides with a penetrating oil-based stain.

    Our competitors offer “pre-stained” fence panels that are lightly sprayed after assembly which does not allow for full protection so when shrinkage occurs in warm weather the heavy UV rays will eat away at the unprotected wood cells.

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  • Specifications

    4FT H – 49″ 3/4 High

    5FT H – 61″ 3/4 High

    6FT H – 71″ 3/4 High


    FENCE BOARD WIDTH – 5″ 7/8

    FRAME – 2″ x 4″


    Covers the construction process only, so anything that was fastened, nailed, or screwed together will be covered. The fence boards that appear to gain cracks, warpage, checking will NOT be covered as that is strictly a natural occurrence of yellow cedar, an option of repair is available, but at the customers expense.

    The Squamish Overlap fence panel is a great cedar fence panel for those looking for extra strength and sounds reduction, the overlapping of the 1×6 fence boards acts as an acoustic barrier, reducing sound quite dramatically.

    The fence boards are overlapped by 1” meaning there is a solid 2” of strength on every board on the overlap, so whether the kids are kicking soccer balls against it or even a bear is trying to break through you can rest assure that this fence isn’t going anywhere.

    All our Deluxe Range fence panels come with the signature 2×4 apex top to be sure this panel will withstand the years of constant rain that BC offers.


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